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All things in Gods Time

As Christians, we have read in the Bible; the book of Ecclesiastes. It all about time / seasons. What it is teaching us is there is a time for events to happen in our lives.

Like in organizing a room, a place for everything and everything in it‘s place.

Ecclesiastes reminds us in such a wonderful way that all things happen when it is time or when it is suppose to and in the waiting of those things we may or should learn patience.

We don’t want to run and get ahead of schedule because it has a negative impact on the outcome, we could cause the thing we are waiting on to not happen at all or cause a delay.

As we are in a place of waiting on God‘s timing, how are we waiting? Are we waiting with expectancy and a joyful heart and living a life of certainty or are we trying to rush things along being negative and grumpy and full of doubt?

Have you wondered is God really going to do what he promise?

Answer...... Absolutely!

I am no expert on anyone else, but I am on me and I have come to a place of understanding this one thing, in my season of waiting, I allowed sin in my life. The sin of doubt and unbelief too many times to count, which in turn has cause delay in my life in some areas.

I have repented from said thinking and know and understand that the God I serve is not a man that He should lie. His word said that His words will not return to Him void, so with promises like that , if I say I believe in God and with these promises, then the issues are with me. Am I keeping my word of trusting and believing and not doubting?

We must know that our word is equally important to God. Are we being faithful in our trusting and believing and speaking only what we know is true? Are we living as though it has already happened, because God said it would?

As I reflect, I know that God will not do anything until the time is right, could I be the reason the time is not right?

Just me, sharing what I have learned as my faith increases....don’t be the reason the timing is delayed

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Unknown member
Feb 10, 2020

Thank you, Lisa. This is a SO good! Yes, the time is right.💜


Unknown member
Feb 10, 2020

Love this Lisa

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