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We were created in "His Image"


The Mentoring Group for International Women is the product of a vision given to the founder; Jacqueline Ani.


The word says, God created mankind in his image.  Many people  find themselves struggling to understand what that looks like - how do we fashion ourselves,  like Christ Jesus?


There is no exact road map to be done,  the exact  same way for every  person,  but there is a blueprint with your name on it.


The blueprint is the word of God and sometimes it is difficult to understand the Bible.   That is where this group,  The Mentoring Group for International Women begins.


This group was built with a very specific purpose.


Pursue. Overtake and  Recover All


We are a group of women who received the vision given to Jacqueline and came along side to help build, develop and empower women.


We are not a group  that has a single purpose of standing for one's marriage,  we are NOT  standing group.


We are a dynamic,  prophetic group with purpose to


Pursue....Overtake and Recover All....Balperazim


2 Samuel 5:20


When we know our purpose we become Christ like for, then we fulfill the will of our Father.

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