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Jacqueline Ani

 Coaching Services 

The coach to the standers for Marriage Restoration and Business Start ups

Marriage Restoration Coaching

God desires that you mature in Him to build a marriage that honours Him, the only way this can happen is to identify His Will for your life and essentially your marriage.

My Role as a Coach to the Stander


Identify what the root issues are presenting in your marriage


Coaching you to address these issues


Identifying blood line issues that could pose as a barrier to marriage restoration 


Empowering you to stand righteously for marriage restoration.

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Business Start Up Coaching

Starting a business and ministry offers many twist and turns and it is important to understand how to navigate the process so that you are positioned for breakthrough.

You are here because

You have a calling to start a business and or ministry

You want to know how to write your vision and mission statement

Create awareness on Social Media

Discover how God wants you to build the business and or ministry

A strategy to launch

Identifying your net for the catch

Become a Coach and Build Others with Kingdom Coaching MRR

After you've been empowered through our coaching services, why not set up your own business to coach others.

Kingdom Coaching MRR includes a whole range of modules to coach potential leaders who were once where you were, this includes coaching to publish a book, working with digital marketing, entrepreneurship, doing business the biblical way,  praying and much more. Investing in this business will give you selling rights to sell to others and build others to coach. The amazing feature of this business is that you receive all the modules and also obtain 100% of the profits as well as selling rights 

An opportunity for wealth creation right? Click on 'Learn More' and be part of a growing community. 

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Wealth Creation is Also About Legacy

A good man/woman leaves an inheritance for his children's children. Proverbs 13:22

Meet Our Coaches

All our coaches have probably experienced the challenges of life and gained medals to write their story, seasoned with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and skill, they can coach you prophetically and practically to help you build the confidence and equip you to pursue, overtake and recover all God has for you.

What People Are Saying

London, United Kingdom

One word to describe the session is WOW! Loved it and it has it resonated with me a lot with everything said in the session. I am looking forward to booking further sessions.

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