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Jacqueline Ani

Jacqueline Ani  is a Transformational Leadership Consultant, Career Coach, Adult Literacy Lecturer, Inspirational Speaker and Author/Writer of the best-selling book The Widow’s Jar of Oil. Your Talent is Your Wealth and Being Single to Be Married: A guide to preparing yourself for marriage.  She is also a fellow member of the School of Social Entrepreneurs.

Her mission is to empower women to be successful in every area of their lives and she calls these areas the following: Missions (Business), Ministry (Service), Marriage (Relationships), Money (Finance) and Motherhood (Parenting).


With over 20 years’ experience, Jacqueline has worked as a HR and Recruitment Consultant Specialist for some of the most renowned Consultancies in the City of London, recruiting and selecting personnel and management for triple A rated investment banks/companies. One of her major role as Recruitment Specialist was instrumental in educating senior level management in blue chip corporations how to recruit suitable employees from an ethnic minority background with diverse educational qualifications.


Jacqueline is the founder of Jacqueline Ani International and organisation which includes several brands and platforms, she is the Managing Director of Ani Recruitment, Training Consultancy, the Chief Editor of Women Empowering Women Magazine and Radio Presenter of Women Empowering Women Lifestyle Talk Show.


Jacqueline has overcome many obstacles in life and uses these as strategies to help and build other women to fulfill  their life’s purpose. She operates as a midwife and prophet.



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