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The Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme
6 modules to build you up in discipleship, mentoring and
self -management
The Seven Mountains of Influence Workshop 
7 modules to strategically position & launch you in your mountain of influence in the market place
The Younger Woman’s Mentorship Programme
15 step modules to equip the younger woman through the reality of life in her walk with God to discover and fulfill her assignment

The Deborah School of Prophets

The DSoP is a prophetic training programme to equip women with the Deborah anointing in this dispensation to align their homes and family according to God’s Kingdom structure.

This is a prophetic/apostolic programme.


The Prophetic Strategic Positioning Leadership Programme – covers 3 areas of training: 

  • The Prophetic Ministry – 5 modules The Prophetic Gifting – 5 modules

  • The Office of the Prophet – 7 modules

  • The Prophetic Round Table – Q & A Session





(5 weeks: £350.00)

A beginners course for anyone who is curious about mentoring or helping others. You may not know what mentoring is, and would like to find out more. The Introduction to Mentoring will give you a basic overview of mentoring is all about.

5 days course which can be taken over a longer period such as 5 weeks depending on your schedule.

Module 1 - Mentoring Matters - An Overview

Module 2 - The Definition of Mentoring

Module 3 - The Mentoring Process

Module 4 - The Grow Module

Module 5 - Action Planning & Next Steps

Coaching & Mentoring Certification Course

(7 weeks:£475 or £68/session)

Do you have a passion to teach, impact and deliver learning?


Do you help others solve problems & guide them to understanding their purpose?


If so, this course is for you!

Learn how to help people identify strategy to succeed!

The mentor/coaches course is to develop aspiring people who know they have a call I helping others navigate their life to where they are making an impact!


This is a 7 week programme which will teach the following:

  • Who Is a Mentor/Coach

  • The Mentor/Coaches Process

  • Identifying Your Client Group

  • Turning Your Knowledge Into a Mentor/Coaching Programme

  • Building Relationships & Dealing With Boundaries

  • Launching & Monetising Your Business

  • Understanding Personalities Dynamics 

Key Benefits

The CMCC will provide you with the essential skills and competencies that you require to become an effective Coach and Mentor

The course will also improve your self-confidence in performing your role in coaching and mentoring with others

Using the course assignments, you will study coaching and mentoring theories and models that will assist in a wide range of practical work situations

The course is recognised Nationally, ensuring that all credits earned during the course are transferable into other programmes within a similar discipline


On completion, you will achieve the core knowledge and skills needed to be a Coach and Mentor, increasing your level of competence when dealing with coaching and mentoring issues

Learning Outcome

1.Understand the principles of coaching and mentoring 

2. Understand the skills required of a Coach   (Wk1)

3. Understand the skills required of a Mentor 

4. Understand the impact of coaching on individual, team and organisational performance (Wk 2)

5 Understand the impact of mentoring on individual, team and     organisational performance

6. Understand the stages of a coaching process  (Wk 3)

7. Understand the stages of a mentoring process

8. Understand the concept of culture to an organisation (Wk 4)

9. Understand the impact of values that underpin individual performance 
10. Understand the relationship between values and behaviour 

11. Identifying your tribe & Building Relationships (Personality Dynamics)

12. Introducing Boundaries (Wk 5 & 6)

13. Turning Your Knowledge Into a Training Programme (Wk 7)

14. Launching & Monetising Your Business

Assessment Criteria

1.1 Define coaching and its purpose
1.2 Define mentoring and its purpose
1.3 Describe the role of a Coach
1.4 Describe the role of a Mentor 


2.1 Discuss the communication skills required of a coach
2.2 Describe the need for sensitivity and confidentiality in a coaching relationship
2.3 Identify methods of feedback and support for a coachee in a coaching relationship


3.1 Discuss the communication skills required of a Mentor
3.2 Describe the need for sensitivity and confidentiality in a mentoring relationship
3.3 Identify methods of feedback and support for mentee mentoring relationship


4.1 Identify the benefits of coaching for an individual
4.2 Identify the benefits of coaching for a team
4.3 Identify the benefits of coaching for an organisation


5.1 Identify the benefits of mentoring for an individual
5.2 Identify the benefits of mentoring for a team
5.3 Identify the benefits mentoring for an organisation


6.1 Explain the stages of a coaching process to meet agreed individual needs


7.1 Explain the stages of a mentoring process to meet agreed individual need 

Do you have a STORY you would like to turn into a training programme?


There is a reason why you went through your trial/life test, and that is because someone else will learn the life lessons you learnt.

Turn Your Knowledge Into a Training Manual is a 3 day programme that will  prepare you to design, launch and deliver a unique programme to others and help them turn their setback into a comeback.

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Have a readymade manual (or at least 80% ready) and signature programme

  • Identify your community and increase attendance

  • Leads to market the programme with a positive response.

  • Identify funding streams for community programmes

  • Identify Awarding Bodies for Accrediting Your Programme

  • Further support to prepare the programme will be provided

Turning  Your


Into A
Training Program


Day 1

Finding Your Life Story & Blueprint

  • The Call

  • The Pit

  • The Search

  • The Breakthrough

  • Extracting the Message

Day 2

Prepare a Training Needs Analysis

  • Prepare and Assess training needs

  • Conducting Market Research (Client Profile)

  • Understand Learning Styles

Day 3 

Create training action plan

  • Prepare the Rationale for a Training Programme & Manual

  • Implement training initiatives Devise a Scheme of Work & Lesson Plan to include in Your Manual

  • Produce Content Summary

Launch it! (Social Media/Advertise/Virtual/Classroom)

Evaluate & revise training


I highly recommend this course if you have a trainer in you, but need guidance and ideas to organize and present your content to a niche market.

Turning Your Knowledge Into A Training Manual was filled with eureka moments. The delivery, content, ambiance and caliber of intellectual wealth in the room was phenomenal.

I was at Turn Your Knowledge Into A Training Manual“ yesterday. It provided exactly what I needed -& more on academic, business & spiritual levels. I highly recommend this course if you need to translate into reality your ideas on delivering training & impacting others on all levels regardless of sector.

Brilliantly Executed!  Dynamic and empowering to say the least.

Time to Birth Workshop



May the Lord richly bless you for the work you are doing. May He bless you in every area of your life and may He also bless your children.


I feel that I have entered into my ministry. I am answering to my calling. I don't know if this English but I am fulfilling my purpose now.


Carine Betrand UK...

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