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Building Your Community

This is the era God is calling out the leaders, a time of promotion and progression and I also believe the Lord is encouraging more women to step out and launch into the deep.

This is a period for new ministries and women who are carrying and birthing God's assignments to step out with faith because it's time.

This sounds so nice, because it is real and most prophecies come with the wisdom of God to strategically and practically carry out what they perceive and discern in the hearts. This blog is to empower you to step out with what you already know you need to do. Ofcourse the Holy Spirit is your greatest lead and guide, you can include these nuggets as ideas as He leads you on what to do step by step.

As always before you can empower, encourage and motivate anyone. you must have a tribe, a community of people (women) who identify and are drawn to the gift in you. The bible says deep calleth unto deep, so there are women who are called to you simply because you will get where their coming from, your life's experiences and overcoming them is the answer they need to breakthrough. Some of them have been praying for ever for an answer and when they meet you, God has answered them. This is why we go through trials that we did't even pray about, you may not have prayed, but they did and God allowed you the trial to answer their prayers to Him. These people are your tribe.

I remember when I started my firts community programme here in London, every woman that attended needed to hear what I had to offer, I didn't know it during those trials, but when I met them and what they had to say or what needs they had, the hairs at the back of my neck stood up, I wondered God how did they know, and He would respond they didn't but I did, and that's why I sent them to you, they're your tribe (community).

What Is a Tribe?

A tribe is a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious or blood ties, with a common culture or dialect, typically having a recognised leader.

Let's bring this definition into a Kingdom meaning - your tribe are those who have been prepared for you to build using your own experiences.

Jesus said Peter, Satan has desired to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you, when you are strengthened go and strengthen your brothers.

The brothers Jesus refers to are those who have been throught the same sifting that Peter w

ent through and overcame, he now has the strength and fortitude to help others who are presently go through what he went through.

Many of your tribe of people would have encountered similar trials that you went through, and may I add, it's not only the major one like marriage or health issues, but it could be the kind of health issue very similar to yours, it could be the type of issues in the marriage very similar to yours, thats why you will understand where they're at in their trial, you will be able to help them come unstuck.

So how do you build your tribe?

There are many ways to creatively build your tribe physcially or online, you can have a physical tribe that meets online and in person.

  1. Facebook Page or Group and or other social media pages- you can build a community of people through a group, I would advise not your own page, but a new page named after the issues your helping people with. If you're going to do this, make sure you have a structure to ensure your tribe is engaging with you and each other, never have a group or page that is dormant, otherwise, how would you know what to suppot them with?

  2. YouTube - this can be done as an added bonus, remeber unless you're live, you're not engaging, how do you know how to reach out to those watching your messages, you have to include a connection for them to reach out, otherwise it's you talking and giving advice, but without a knowledge of who needs what.

  3. WhatsApp - a good way to encourage chat, however others may not wnat to receive messages constantly as your chatting in the group, it can also be distracting too. I would suggest though you have the group on whatsapp, always send out a broadcast that way everyone receives it and chats can be done privately between you and recepients.

  4. A community gathering, there must be community halls in your area - use it to advertise a meet up, coffee or chocolate morning, evening whichever you prefer, you can even use Facebook local to identify those in your area and who may be interested in your meet up.

  5. Start a blog - I would add a blog with interacton abilities, blog about your experiences this can create awareness and build a tribe for you.

  6. Start a course online or in person - you can even make it fun, creative writing course, exercise class etc.

Remember the whole idea is to build a tribe and all these are ideas, you may even have your own great ideas, share in the group if you will.

I'm looking forward to hear how it's going, I am hoping to update my blog for you so that you're connected with me.

Until my next blog, please feel free to ask questions or comments.

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