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God Always Keeps HIS Promises

Just this past Monday afternoon, I was on my way to the dentist's office. I was walking, instead of taking a bus, which is my normal way of getting around here in the city. The weather was nice so I thought I'd take advantage of it, especially with this being February. Last year, if memory serves me correctly, we Chicagoans were advised not to go outside because of the frigid below-zero weather. So, to have a temperature of 34° or more is considered a heat wave for us.

I'd walked for about three long blocks when I happened upon what looked to be sheaves of wheat, (Gen.37:7) waving ever so gently while standing there in the middle of nowhere. I say it was the middle of nowhere because there were no corn fields or crops or any form of agriculture around. These sheaves of wheat, eleven of them, were planted on city property across from the hospital and they were the only plants there aside from a few scattered trees. They even seemed to bow slightly, as the Lord reminded me of His promise to Joseph and how He caused Joseph's dream to come to pass just as he'd dreamed, with his brothers bowing down at his feet (Gen.42:6) after he had been put in charge of all Egypt and answered to no man there but the Pharoah.

I must admit, I was taken aback as I stood there with my mouth open, listening to Holy Spirit speak and encourage me to hold on even as Joseph did, through many years of trials and tests and temptations. I thought seriously about my life and all that I've lost and how I'd even lost the beautiful smile I once had, as I walked on my way to see a dentist about restoration. Then.....WOW! Out of nowhere, God shows me these sheaves of wheat planted in the city and begins encouraging me with how he restored Joseph's life and joy and family; and even how he'd brought to pass the dream He had given Joseph despite all the enemy did to kill it.

What an amazing, faithful God we serve. He keeps HIS promises!

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