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Shifting Into the Right Gear to Receive

God has been speaking to me regarding a certain shift He is preparing me to be positioned about how to receive the Promise (Restored Marriage). To be honest, I have not received

scripture as of yet, but as the Spirit of God speaks to my spirit, I am discerning with clarity how He wants me to prepare to receive my new husband.

I have always been a woman who does things independently of others, but not without God, infact whenever God speaks, I run to obey His instructions.

When the Lord directed me to start TMGIW (The Mentoring Group for International Women), little did I know it would be a mission God would use to mature me into who He has Called me to be for Him, that is why it is important to be about the Father's business. I had always wanted to do ministry with my husband, but as he was never ready in the old marriage, I thought let me be about God's Business looking away from my husband so that whatever and however God is developing him, I won't get in His Way; afterall Proverbs 9:10 says Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neighter working nor planning, nor knowledge not wisdom.

This has been a scripture God gave me even before I was married, so I knew that as I do what my hand has found to do by His Instructions, I will be focused and not distracted, and this is why I opened the TMGIW.  It was a mission I would do ministry, while God worked on my husband. I saw the Power of God manifest as women who joined the group wanted restoration in their marriages and I had the experience, because God restored my old marriage then and I had the evidence of this, but my husband who came back with a lesson in faith was still not ready to join me in ministry. Looking back I realised, it was still not time and the process I found myself in with him in our marriage was still God directed. 

This process has definitely developed and matured me, it is amazing what God will put His Prophets through, to authenticate them as His mouth piece. Even when my husabnd was restored to us in 2015, I know realise that the process was still not complete, he also had his own process and God was still processing me too. 

I am reminded in Exodus 13; 17/18 where God didn't lead the Israelites directly to the promise land, but lead them around by the desert road because they were not ready to take the land and that would cause them fear to go back to Egypt, but the round about way was to mature and strengthen them to take the land, and as such He had to drive out the inhabitants of the land process by process or else the land would have been infested, so he used the inhabitants to look after the land until the Israelites where capable. That's just the same way with your land of marriage, sometimes the inhabitants is to protect the land that God is processing you to take back, hmmm I hear the Lord say be thankful for the other woman who is an inhabitant in your promise land of marriage for a period or time.

TMGIW has been a mission that has taught me God's expectation of how marriage is meant to be in this End Times. I saw the miracles of God in the mission as many of the founding members marriages were restored, God was showing me that the restoration of my marriage produced an anointing for God to restore others, and yet my husband needed his own revelation of marriage restoration through God, this is his time for that.

In the last 2 days, the Lord has been speaking to me about shifting into gear in preparation for my husband and the land of a new marriage and He says I must make room, I have been doing ministry on my own, but I believe He is preparing me to do ministry with my husband, not immediately, becasue my husband needs to grow fully into God's call on his life, I need to be supportive of his growth, and being a helpmate suitable to him so that he can confidently grow in his purpose, there needs to be time for God to mesh us into one again, what God did through me TMGIW, He wants to do through me for my husband because God needs His son to grow and walk circumvently with the Lord's need for him. Remember when Paul was now converted, he had to stay with Ananias for 3 days, while he was taught the word and was discipled.

This I believe is the shift, to step back to have time for God to manifest in my new marriage so that as we become one physically, it opens the door to minister as one in the area of a marriage ministry, I hear it, I don't know how I hear it but it's speaking to my spirit and bringing clarity to me. 

I have always said that God will move us into a new season for breakthrough, because the new season makes you look different, operate differently, your perception of the separation or divorce is no longer as a thing done to you but a thing done for you to mature, to forgive because you wonder what the issue was all about, you recognise the sovereignty of God because you're no longer in the old season, it's a new season ready for you to receive the Promises of God that are Yes and Amen.

When this happens, it safe to know that you've shifted, ready to receive what God promised you.

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