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The Prodigals Are Coming Back - Are You Ready to Receive Them

As I was in deep prayer last week, all I could hear in my spirit is what the Prodigals are coming back, the Prodigals are coming back, I heard this repeated in my spirit over and over again and I discerned that the Lord as using my own experience to bring forth this message and to let the women especially know that the prodigal sons are coming back home.

But in my spirit I also heard that the those who have been waiting, standing and praying for the return of their spouses also need to be ready to receive them in love.

I'm reminded about the story of the prodigal son who wanted his inheritance and went off to squander it, eventually he realised that his journey didn't bring him the favour he was looking for and decided to make his way back home. Now we know that going home was the best option for him, this son didn't know what to expect when he got home, he didn't know of he would be received.

My main thought was on the father, the bible says, when he was a great way off, meaning he was still far away from home, his father    saw him and had great compassion on him, ran and feel on his neck and kissed him.

I was so drawn to this part of the story, because the prodigal son wasn't near home yet and his father knew he was coming back, he discerned that his son was making his way home......and received him with So much love.

We should never forget those who have left us looking for a better life, when the life their needing is with you, even though you are getting on with your life, you should always be in anticipation that your loved one is coming back home and you should be prepared to receive them with open arms, without judging or making them feel guilty for leaving in the first place.

The father of this prodigal son must have been hurt when his son asked for his inheritance early and left, he must have been beside himself and no one would judge him for not wanting to see his son again, after he had squandered all the inheritance, but the father's anticipation of receiving his son and showing him love before he even got back to the house reflects his heart. He had a forgiving heart, an understanding heart, a heart of love and that was what drew the son back home. This kind of unconditional love conquers a multitude of sins, it removes rejection and hatred. 

Women must receive their loved ones back, they must be ready to welcome them home, they must remove resentment, rejection from their hearts and this is what will draw the Prodigals home. Yes God will send them back home, but unless you're ready to receive them with open arms, without judgement, without complain, then you are ready to receive the Prodigals home. You don't have the right to judge them, because if God dy to welcome them to the Kingdom, who are you to keep them out?

My husband is waking up and God is aligning him, bringing him in alignment with his destiny, God is removing all the deep seated error operating in his heart, the wrong teachings and outlook in life, the pain Frank has held onto because he made that his way, God is removing it, day by day, step by step.

I see that many wounded men have a negative perspective in life, especially when it comes to family, they're so reliant on their way  to make things work and yet it's at the disadvantage of their spouse or even their children and they Lord it over us to accept it because they're paying bills or they happen to be the head, and I'm seeing that God wants the women to really know how to deal with this in a godly manner, they must know their God and be prepared to stand up for God in their marriage, knowing that God will bring deliverance in His Time.

We must come against the spirit of intimidation and control in the  Nigerian culture and to do this, we must know who we are in Christ. Though I mentioned the Nigerian culture and this is my experience, but is this the same in your culture?

The Lord also showed me that there are are ways to receive the Prodigals back, you can either be the father waiting in anticipation" or you can be a Hosea going out to pursue Gomer and bring her back home.

P1. We're in a new season were the Prodigals are returning

P2. If you've been weaned off the system in your home, this message is for you

P3. God wants you to stay in your track and don't leave where He's placed you

P4. Read Luke 15

P5. Read Hosea 3:1-3

 Do you have the character of the father or the character of Hosea

The training was to get you to the place where you're not dependant on the need of this person.

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