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You Are Called to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

May 2006 came to me this morning and I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, do you remember my instruction to you?

As He spoke to my spirit, I heard the instruction again and I remember the day and time, I was engaged to my husband and his pastor had invited me to share a word with the congregation. I prayed and asked God what He would like me to share and He directed me to Isaiah 43:8 - Lead out those who have yes but are blind, who have ears but are deaf. NIV

I knew God was using His word to speak to me, but I needed further clarity as to His instruction and who these people who were blind and deaf where. Further study brought me to Matthew 15:24, where Jesus says that He was sent to the Lost Sheep of Israel, we know that Matthew was writing to the Jews, so Jesus was speaking to His people in that He came to save the those who belong to God but are lost. Jesus who is not only a teacher but a prophet had a mission to His People. We know that the Jews were under heavy oppression from the Roman Empire and waited for the prophesy told that a Messiah would come to deliver them from the oppression, we know that when Jesus came it was to bring salvation in which through it they would be free and not as they imagined freedom through physical war.

In my study of Isaiah 43:8, I realised that God had also called me to those who had lost themselves in the quest to find God. Those who have eyes, but are blind and those who have years but are deaf are still His People, that was the assignment,  He sent me to preach my assignment at my husband's church when we got engaged. 

During that time, God was establishing me as His prophet, on hindsight, I had no idea what a prophet's role was, and especially as I was about to be a new wife, looking to my husband to lead the way, I had no idea that He was calling me to my husband as an assignment.

My husband was part of the lost sheep of the House of Isreal, he had eyes but didn't see spiritually and ears but didn't hear spiritually, but God was using him to show me who He had called me to. As a prophet to the nation it was the lost sheep of the House of Israel. God was calling them back to Him, just like when Jesus came to the world to restore oppressed and discouraged Israel back to God through salvation.

There are many who want God, but don't know how to reach Him, I realise that my husband was so enamoured by my relationship with God, but also wanted that for himself. He was a lost sheep that God sent me to and I did everything I could do, including going to a church that he wanted, but I didn't think was right for us to yielding myself to him fully. I'm happy I did all that and more, but I also see that towards the end, I became tired. His frustration with himself turned into narcissim, but it was about how he saw himself before God and not me. I am not saying that I am perfect, but my relatioship with God has always been a priority and that's because I didn't want to backslide, I didn't want to miss God. He started my family and I needed to be in Him to maintain the blessing He gave me.

Who are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel?

Those who in finding God through various religions such as Catholicsm, Baptist, Methodist, Presbytarian and others alike. I am not knocking these instituitions, but I am questioining their doctrines, because how the word is being taught is how the people receive when the Holy Spirit is absent. The bible says the entrance of thy word brings light Psalm 119:130, but light comes when the Holy Spirit is received and hearts are delivered. If hearts are not cleansed and the gospel not preached through the Holy Spirit, then the message is hypocritical, people know the word (letter), but not transformed by the Spirit.

There are many of God's people who are lost, it breaks my heart, I sometimes wonder, God how do you allow me to see you, but others pray and desire to see you as you have shown me to see you, my heart has not always been right before you, neither have I been always faithful, but yet I see, I desire to constantly see. I see my husband's frustrations to see, I see some of my clients desire to see, to know and I know that God is not a respector of people, but why is it that some don't see? I dont believe its their fault, but I do understand that it really is up to God to open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf.

Jesus says it in Matthew 13 when He uses the parables to describe the Kingdom of God, He was addressing the people and not the disciples, He was addressing the masses who came tp hear Him. When he finishes He says, those who have ears let them hear. However the disciples ask Him why does He speak to them in parables and Jesus responds by saying most of them don't hear or see because they don't really want to; because their hearts are hard of hearing, they hear but don't want to hear so they shut their hearts from hearing and receiving the truth that will bring transformation in their lives.

He also says to the disciples, but to them, they hear and see and then He sends them out by twos to pour into others who want to hear and want to see, because the harvest is ripe but labourers are few, Jesus sends them to the people who in their hearts are ready to receive Him because they hear and see.

So when God sent me in 2005 to my husband who found me, it was because he was a chosen vessel to hear and see, but the process of his hearing and receiving would be my process of being built in the assignment of His prophet. 

Remember Moses?  God told him that He was sending him to Pharoah to release the Israelites so that they could worship God. God also said that He would hardened Pharoah's heart, so that He would be glorified in the process. Moses went to Pharoah ten times with different plagues to show the power of God. Can you imagine the years that would have taken, before Pharoah agreed to the release of the nation of Israel? God was revealing His Power to Pharoah, and to Moses who didn't know Him.

I've come to realise that in the sovereignty of God, He glorifies Himself in the lives of His People. I've realised, there is nothing I could do to change or alter the process,  because He prepared the path before I was conceived, it was a path I had to go through to know how to restore the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel back to God, just like Jesus did when He was sent to the Jews.

I believe that God appointed my husband to see and hear at an appointed time as He develops His prophet aligned with that was part of the appointed time and I believe the appointed time for my husband's breakthrough and my development as His prophet in this time is almost complete. WOW!

Yes, God took two people my husband and myself in direct consert to fulfil His Own Plan, just like He used Hannah's desire for a child at appointed time He needed a judge and a prophet for the nation of Israel.

How has God used your experience of Standing to fulfil His Own Plan for the nation?

Jacqueline Ani is a Stander and Marriage Restoration Coach, Prophet Consul, Author and Speaker.

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