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You're Not Just a Help Meet, You're a Help Meet Suitable

Yes we know this word Helpmeet and what it means to the anyone who is a married Christian woman.

As a single very young girl, I would often cringe at that word "Helpmeet", because I felt it was a doormat looking to help her husband do whatever he wants her to do for him, I watched my mother pander after my father to please him and that was my own thoughts of the role of a Helpmeet, like men didn't know how to sort themselves out and needed their wives to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Well now that I am grown, I have a new appreciation for this role and word Helpmeet and as I grow more in my relationship with God, I want to communicate the meaning of not only what a Helpmeet is but more importantly at this stage of our lives, Helpmeet Suitable.

The meaning of the word Helpmeet means equal, a companion equal and necessary in partnership. Adam and Eve were not unequally yoked. Eve was created as a suitable partner for Adam, the first of the human race of the earth.

I don't know about you but when I got married, I knew I was the woman for my husband, God had prepared me for him and he had said it on many occassions. When my husband was studying for his degree in Human Resources and Interntional Business, I was already writing training manuals for women in the community and most of these manuals, he would find the answers he needed for his assignments and study programmes, without telling me what he needed, I had already published these manuals for my own training programmes, everything he needed to pass and do well was already provided for by my gifts, I was indirectly helping him achieve his qualifications without realising it. When he needed to find a job, my skill in talent and human resource acquisition, prepared his resume, his interview and as a result he successfully gained the career he wanted, I was a suitable partner for his needs.

God has put everything your husband needs within you so that he can achieve the success he needs in his life so that the family moves forward. However in the dispensation of the Kingdom of God I do believe there is another level of operating as a Helpmeet and that is to be a Helpmeet Suitable.

If it were just about the physical realm, I believe many of us have achieved that with our spouse, we have supported and helped our spouses achieve what they need to be successful, but I believe it's not about just the physical realm any longer, but the spiritual realm. 

Many women who are standing for marriage restoration are also being prepared as a HelpMeet Suitable for their spouse in the new covenant. 

I hear you say how do I know what to help my spouse with?

Your Stand, would have prepared you to know how to help him suitably, your stand prepares you for the nation you're called to, well guess what? He has called you to help meet the needs of your husband to fulfil his purpose in God. Everything you're learning (teaching, prophetically building, writing a book, a training programme, coaching, mentoring, speaking, councelling, understanding and interpreting and applying sound biblical doctrine, even biblical business etc) is what your spouse will need, the good thing is that in your stand, you have already gone ahead to achieve these skills and gifts in God, you already know how to build, empower and minister  to others, that you will do and he will see God in your gifts/skills and know you are his Helpmeet Suitable. The Stand makes you a Helpmeet Suitable. Even if it means rescuing him from where God's Hand has kept him in a place of waiting. You are the one to go in and rescue if that's the instruction. Whatever God needs you to do, you are the one to do it under His direction.

Your spouse is coming back to work with you, not ahead of you, not behind you but with you, so you must be ready with the substance God has developed in you to work with his son on this level because when you do, it will propel the family forward for God.

Your Helpmeet Suitability is the propelling force to advance him when he comes back.

Jacqueline Ani is the owner and founder of Jacqueline Ani International LLC, she is an author, writer, prophetic consul and standers and marriage restoration coach.

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