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Your Breakthrough Is An Individual One!

When you realise that your walk, though everyone may be going through the same thing, in the end it’s your walk with God that brings your own breakthrough!

When you realise that though your process is similar to everyone else’s, yet it’s your process with God that will bring your own breakthrough.

When you realise that though others around you may be in pain and somewhat unforgiving and in a group you talk about the pain over and over again, though God Hears and He is Compassionate towards you, in the end It’s you walking against the crowd seeking healing and forgiveness that’s causes your own breakthrough.

When you realise that many around you are breaking through but you’re still waiting for your own, you then start retracing your steps to take seriously the steps you may have ignored and as you retrace those steps in obedience that’s what brings your breakthrough!

The truth is that though we have many supporters, people we cry with, laugh with and do all the things we do together, in the end God will single you out to walk against the crowd simply because He wants you to breakthrough. So your walk becomes single, individual and alone but not lonely!

And when you breakthrough, you’ll realise why it was that you had to be singled out!

Every trial seems the same, every test seems similar but the truth is you have to walk this walk with God alone to Baal Perazim!

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Mar 09, 2020

He has been giving me the word breakthrough.

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