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As I am here in my hotel room praying over and signing these books, I truly thank God for Jacqueline Ani and this group. I have not always been one that verbalized things well, but God has gifted me to write.

During my journey, God has placed so many awesome people in my life and I am truly grateful. Where would I be if it were not for each of you? Many of you I have poured into and I have been so blessed to receive from so many of you as well.

Jacqueline and this group has afforded me so many opportunities and allowed me to see and grow so much in my walk with Christ. I am just so blessed by each of you.

Blessings and Love,
Mary                Hawaii, Honolulu

Dear Jacqueline,


I must share this with you , as a Testimony of the goodness of our Lord.


On Monday 11/11/19, I had to go to the college to do my resume for my practicum I am doing this Spring Semester. The Career Resources administrator and I were going through each category on my resume, and when we got to the volunteer section, I informed her of the TMGIW. She said it goes under volunteer and LEADERSHIP. Well, that catapulted the conversion of TMGIW and I went on to explain what is was, that I am a founding member, and talking about my mentor, founder of organization, you. We googled your name, Jaqueline Ani to find your location to put in resume so it's professional and you popped up immediately in Facebook as speaker consultant and more. Pictures galor. She was amazed and token back at you, the power and presence you exuded, especially the picture of you with your arms in praise position. She said what a presence and clearly a woman of influence and power. I spoke how the organization was founded, explained that the women are standing for their marriages however, as important that is because of our our faith, i explained with your mentoring as a woman who too stood for her marriage and continuously does, the teaching provided on the God honoring way to stand while pursuing our God given purposes. Learning how to stand firm for restoration and pursue the Lord about our giftings and talents, not being stagnant and just sitting. Realizing that being a good steward of " what's in your hand" ie children , home, work, school, cooking, that you can overcome despite the circumstances. I explained that The Mentoring Group for international Women is just that, International. Women from the USA to UK to South Africa to the Bahamas and more. She sat back and just paused. She said "Wow, so your all being built up to empower others" I said yes indeed. I shared a little with her my stand, how it drew my children closer to the Lord and she said that I was being an example for my daughters. Going to school, my mom going to school my daughter's thriving in school. She said this is inspiring. She asked " so in CT this your chapter, since its headquarters is in England". I was stumped, " chapter? Well I guess yes, we do have for those that reside in the state to get together." Wow CHAPTER...CHAPTERS! (Did you catch that?) I even told her that at times you and I had discrepancies, but even in that, the teaching if hearing the Lird to be still is always in effect. She was amazed! All the while we were talking , the Lord said" Tasha, you need to let Jaqueline know, you need to honor her, because if you were not invited in, you would not be able to even have this as part of your resume. Honor her, and say...Thank You". The Lord has a way of humbling us. He is a God of order and honor. He demands HUMILITY. A leader is know leader or teacher, if that person can not follow, and be still and be taught. The career resource administration concurred and was in extreme agreement. She was so thrilled to find this organization and felt honored to be part of my story and be of an assistance and knew the essence and character of TMGIW , that she said she would fill that part in herself. Praise the Lord!!!! Humbled, I am humbled. Everyone wants to be an Elijah, but can you be an Elisha, prepared for when the mantle is passed on?


Finally, because God is that good...


Tuesday 11/12/19 My eldest daughter, Nalani, came to the car, and just explained with waterfall of tears how PROUD SHE IS OF ME. That she realized she never says that to me and thought" my mom doesn't know beca6i don't tell her". My God! Honoring....she said I never fought her father, stood and stand for him, and that...she sees Jesus in me. That only Hesys would do what I an doing. She said if I forgive, then how could she not forgive her father. Honor! I honored this leader, thus I was honored. You reap what you sow! Know I see you and hear you and I honor you. Man sharpens man as iron sharpens irons.


Be Blessed-

Mentee to Mentor Gratefully,

Natasha Mcduffie - Conneticut, USA

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I attended a Daniel's Weekend for Christian teachers through the Christian Education Association International. While I was there, I was approached by one of the leaders, where he told me he noticed something different about me and wanted to know "what I listen to and how I study." He then asked "Do you have a mentor?" "I can tell." I said yes...and was excited to tell him about Jacqueline and the mentoring group! He was VERY intrigued and wanted to know more. Ladies, even if you don't see it yourself, we are changing! We may not see it yet but when a stranger approaches and says he can tell I have a mentor, something great has taken place! I am looking forward to what else Jacqueline has in store for us and am ready for our three day fast! @Jacqueline Ani


Vicki DePasse - Wisconisn, USA

Hi Jacqueline.


I’m sitting here with God just pondering where I am spiritually with the Lord and in my journey with Him and I realize how much different I am today than I was a year ago spiritually in my walk with the Lord. My knowledge of him and my call. My life’s purpose and I know that it has to do largely with all I learned from my experience of knowing you and being mentored by you. There’s so much God uses you to teach me and help me grown in Him. The way I led the group didn’t allow for me to tell you this but I wanted to let you know I’m so thankful for all you had poured into my life. I don’t believe I would be where I am today in my spiritual walk with the Lord had he not allowed me to connect with you and some of the other women. But you have poured so very valuable things into my life. I feel wiser and more equipped than I was before. More secure and confident than I was before and more at peace with deeper understand of God and all He is doing. Thank you Jacqueline for helping me in my life. I never got to thank you and you deserve some gratitude.



Bridget, Florida, USA


TMGIW has developed my leadership skills by first bringing to my attention the awareness that I have leadership skills. It has taught me to research the qualities and characteristics of a leader and has birthed a sense of responsibility to aspire to embody or further develop those qualities and characteristics reflective in a leader. It has served as a constant accountability partner that leadership comes with a set of responsibilities spiritually, physically, educationally, nutritionally, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. TMGIW has been a scale that causes me to understand the importance of balancing the responsibility of a leader and the accountability of acquiring whatever is necessary to strengthen the areas of weakness. TMGIW has taught me that leadership isn’t only to be utilized in a mentoring group but should transcend to every facet of my life. TMGIW has most importantly taught me the extreme importance of camaraderie. TMGIW has help me to understand that leadership is an evolving skill and that the choice to continue to develop and utilize interaction, behavior, power, vision, values, and charisma as tools to is priceless and rewarding.


LaToya Davies, Phoenix, Arizona

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